UNIOIL PREMIUM TURBO is ultra quality turbo-charged diesel engine oil, designed for diesel engine operate at high speed, super power, heavy load, have high performance exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in modern diesel engines.


  • Friction modifier most advanced technology, ensures complete metal surface protection, increases slippage, reduces friction, helps to improve engine performance up to 15 -20%, fuel efficiency 10-20%.
  • Thermal and antioxidant stability properties are enhanced to the maximum, help to maintain the oil’s function in all conditions, reducing oil intervals drain and saving cost.
  • Prevent formation of deposits, sludge, soot on the piston, carburetor, combustion chamber… helps to increase engine life.
  • Complies with the 2004 emission standard for modern diesel engines that utilize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), SCR NOx reduction systems.

Specifications and Approvals

SAE 5W-40; API CI-4; ACEA E7 -08; ACEA A3/B4 – 08; MB –Approval 228.3; MAN 3275; Volvo VDS-3.


  • For diesel engines that require API CI-4 quality.
  • Used for heavy load duty, high speed transports need extend oil intervals drain such as tractor head for towing container, trucks, long-haul passenger cars, large offshore fishing vessels, sea cargo ships …
  • Used for diesel engines in construction equipment have frequent continuous operation, extend the usage time.
  • Used for heavy duty diesel engines need high performance in heavy industry.
  • Used for diesel engines in tractors and machinery are required to work long hours in mining, wood and even in agriculture.

Technical Data

Technical specifications Test method Result
Density at 15oC (Kg/l) ASTM D 4052 0.86 – 0.89
Kinematic viscosity at 100oC (mm2/s) ASTM D 445 14-16
Viscosity Index (VI) ASTM D 2270 Min 110
Pour point (oC) ASTM D 97 Max -18
Flash Point COC (oC) ASTM D 92 Min 230
Total base number (mgKOH/g) ASTM D 2896 Min 12.5
Water content (%V) ASTM D 95 Max 0.05
Foaming at 93,5oC (ml/ml) ASTM D 892 Max 10/0

(These characteristics are typical of current production, not constitute specifications).

UPC codes:

UNIOIL PREMIUM TURBO – 1,25 gallon 00859727007119

Preservation and Safety

  • Storage in a covered warehouse.
  • Store temperature should not exceed 60oC.
  • Keep off sparks and flammable materials. Storage must be covered carefully and away from the risk of contamination.
  • Used oil must be treated properly, don’t pour directly into ditches , water sources.


  • Bottle of 1,25 gallon.
  • Or package meets to customer’s requirements.